Monday, April 20, 2009

Instead Of NCECA

So while thousands of clay heads flocked to Phoenix to eat, drink, and talk dirt at the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts Conference, I went to Chicago for my sister's baby shower and a quick dash through the art museum. I always love how rejuvenated I feel after a break, and the fresh perspective I have on my studio after walking away from it for a minute, or five days.

A party with this many cupcakes is right up my ally! I love the monochromatic scheme the bakery went with, and my parents kitchen walls matched perfectly. After a quick stay at my parents I spent the night in downtown Chicago. The cast iron architecture in Lincoln Park caught my sculptor boyfriend's eye, and mine too once he pointed it out to me. The Art Institute of Chicago had some snippets we saw up close the next day.

This particular piece is very thin, and I think copper plated. I love the intracacy in this pattern. In my own work I use a lot of color and pattern, but I like that this piece is one one. I think it really emphasizes the repetition. We really only had a quick run through the art institute as we had pizza on the brain, but here are some other highlights:
I really love the ridiculousness of this bird shaped casserole dish, I think it's the shear audacity of it that gets my attention. When I was still in college I hated work like this, in fact I referred to one of my current favorite potters as "that girl who makes chicken pots" Now these are the kind of things I want to take home and use, or put in my kitschy korner in the dining room. I enjoy being able to reflect and see how full circle I've come, it makes me wonder where the next circle might start and end.

Finally, The Bean!

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