Sunday, June 7, 2009

Function Follows Form?

The other day I was hanging around the studio, glazing and waiting for the rain to stop. Currently this fabulous beach cruiser is my only mode of transportation. So while I could catch a ride in a car, I really don't want to leave my wheels behind. Finally the rain slowed enough for me to put on my windbreaker and colleague thought I was nuts and it was way to wet to ride a bike. Which brings me to...the form. I bought this bike because it looks so rad. I don't think there was really any other factor that influenced my decision. I learned the value of it's function this year when my car broke for good, the fenders allow me to ride through puddles, and in light rain. Thursday night I enjoyed a lovely twilight bike ride, and arrived home to a rainbow over my house. My bike fabulous for it's look and it's functionality. So, are the things that are most pleasing to the eye also the most functional? For me this usually rings true, like in this style of teapot. The handle is nice to hold, and also allows you to hold the lid down while pouring. And I like the way it looks! This leads me to wonder do we automatically pick functional items based on the way they look, or the way they function, or do we choose them as the form and function go hand in hand?
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