Monday, September 28, 2009

CSMA Arts for All Marathon

I've realized a lot since moving. Sometimes I hate the process of moving, the packing, the money, the changing of jobs, the stress settling into a new studio can create. But I also love moving. I love shedding all the junk, I love decorating a new apartment, I love starting fresh. I have also discovered, surprisingly, that I really like the Northeast. I also discovered that over five years in Jacksonville I had made a lot of contacts that it's hard to walk away from. I've been invited to do several really excited things since I've left Jacksonville that I had to turn down, because I am no longer their local artist. So in the central New York area I am going to proactive in building those connections. My first step is participating in the Community School of Music and Arts "Arts for All Marathon". The Arts for All Marathon lasts 26.2 days just like a regular marathon is 26.2 miles. Artists can basically create their own way of participating, which really drew me to their cause. They are also having a post-it note show that Vaughn and I will donate an item to. Artists donate art on post-its that are sold for $5 each at the closing show. I really like how accessible they are making art to the general public while raising money. The CSMA offers a great variety of classes, and the money raised in the marathon goes to their scholarship fund. For the duration of the marathon, September 26th-October 24th I will donate 26% of sales on regularly priced items in my online store to the CSMA Arts for All Marathon. In addition my sale items are now 26% off. And I am promising to post new work before the end of the marathon. You really can have it all...fabulous pottery and donating to a good cause all in one!

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