Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey there...I've been plugging away in the studio. But here are some highlights:
Customized vases for my cousin Brigit's wedding, I didn't know I could do lettering so easily. Meaning I didn't know how well it would show up under my glazes, and my stellar cursive techniques. Although I have to admit, that I am nothing compared to my sister Caitlyn's calligraphy! This girl is seriously gifted.

If you or someone you know has an event you would like to customize with handmade pottery, contact me for more details at:

As for the rest of my studio, I'm still working on inventory and I have been checking out what is available to local potters. I basically stumbled up Clayscapes Pottery in Syracuse, New York. The owner Don is really friendly and helpful, and they have clays by Standard as well as Miller. I am really excited to try out the samples I got last time I was there. On a trip to see some family in Hudson we also went to Massachusets to check out Sheffield Pottery. At Sheffield they mix their own clay and I'm also excited about these samples. So basically I should really be working in my studio right now, instead of sitting at this computer....For the past four years I have been a die-hard fan of Highwater Clay's Helios Porcelain but I know that shipping it in isn't practical, so when I run out of what I brought I will be switching to something available locally. I will post some tests when I make them. I have really been settling into life and getting a new routine. I'm excited about the work I've made, and want to make, but I'm also really happy with where I'm at and with what I have in my life.
I've also been making pancakes:

This recipe comes from potter and foodie, Stepehn Grimmer and it was basically as delicious as it looks. A perfect Sunday morning with pottery made by friends!

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