Friday, February 4, 2011


I have always found that my work reflects my life, and evolves as I change locations. When I lived in Florida my work was very bright and cheery. It was fun to make and fun to use. At the very beginnings of my pottery career in Southern Illinois it was very earthy, yet delicate. And now, in bitterly cold and gray, rainy and snowy New York State (not city) my work has taken on a black undertone. When I lived in Florida my favorite color was pink, pink, pink. When I lived in Southern Illinois my favorite color was green. In New York my favorite is gray, it comes in so many lovely shades. And adding a black undercoat to my work gives it dimension. I love the effect it has taken. But this is quite a shock to my pink, pink past.
The black started innocently, I needed a gift for a friend that wasn't so bubble gum colored. The results were interesting, but I wasn't sold quite yet. And then, close to a year later I was pregnant and needing to steer clear of anything not commercially mixed and stamped non-toxic. And I had been doing some drawing. I came across an interesting technique using wax resist to inlay underglaze on bone dry clay. I will give the details of this process later, but it led to drawing on pottery which led to more drawing. What I want to mention here is that I have been doing some drawing lately that will translate well with this process.
Here are some of the floral drawings I have done since Silas was born. And then I think I'll wrap up this post before Mr. Snuggly wakes up....I tried to finish this yesterday to no avail.

So this is a start, although a little lacking in concept. I am hoping to push this imagery further, into something more complex. I always appreciate feedback!


  1. those drawings are awesome. Can't wait to see how they translate onto pots.

  2. I loooooove these! So wonderful!