Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is What I have Time For

I have been neglecting to post much since I started my new project. Mostly because conditions aren't perfect. For example, I have an idea for a great lighting set up that I can never complete for a multitude of reasons including my ever present infant under tow. So I shot some photos of some great pizza I made using a point and shoot camera in our regular lit kitchen because this is what I have time for. My little guy held still just long enough. In other happenings I have made it back to the studio for some brief moments and I am planning a cup sale in my online shop. I know it's spring everywhere else, but in New York we are deep in mud season.

Gluten Free Pizza Two Ways

I have been making this Bob's Red Mill recipe for pizza crust since it has been necessary for me to make Gluten Free Pizza. It is good every time, but it is especially good when I take extra care to time the yeast and warm water as the recipe calls for and lightly fill the cups with flour, not pack them. I always make a double recipe and cook the pizzas in cast iron skillets with olive oil and a sprinkle of cornmeal in the bottom. The first pizza is a more traditional Pesto Pizza that my partner prefers. The second pizza is a fancier Arugala and Brie pizza I prefer. Since moving to New York I have discovered brick oven pizza. When done well the crust is thin and crispy and the cheese is well done on top, when done's just poor. This is the kind of pizza I prefer with gourmet toppings and just enough cheese to make it taste good, not ooze with cheese. I always use fresh mozzarella, which tastes better and spreads a lot so you don't have to use much.
After making the crust place it in your pan, when handling the crust make sure your hands are very wet, you may have to re-wet as you work the dough into a flat pizza crust. The next step is toppings.

For the Pesto Pizza:

You will need, about a half cup prepared pesto. Here is my recipe. 1 ball of fresh mozzarella, 1/4 cup diced tomatoes. Spread pesto over crust, top with tomatoes then, slices of fresh mozzarella. Be sure to give the mozzarella plenty of room to spread out, you may have left over mozzarella, I usually use about 1/2 a ball per pizza. Bake according to directions.

For the Arugula Brie Pizza

You will need 1 small round of brie, I used a really delicious goat brie, 1 cup arugala, 1/3 cup carmelized onions, 1/4 cup dried porcini mushrooms soaked according to package directions, capers and sundried tomatoes to taste. Slice brie and cover crust with evenly spaced slices. Again you want to leave room between the slices of cheese, brie is very rich. Top with onions, mushrooms, and as much capers and tomatoes as you like. Bake according to directions. Add arugala piled on top for the last five minutes of cooking.

I totally made up all the measurements for the toppings :) So use them as a loose guideline! What do you like on your pizza?

P.S. These are featured on a lovely test for a cake stand I made last summer.

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