Friday, February 1, 2013

I Don't Make Plates

No, really I don't make plates.  I never make them.  They are too difficult to make in porcelain, I never trim them enough, they stick to my kiln shelves and shatter, they take too much clay, they are a waste of my time, buy them from someone who already makes them!  No, seriously I never make plates.

But then I did.

Last year, after we moved into our new house, and I got the best studio space I've ever had.....I decided to participate in this amazing online course with Diana Fayt on a whim.  It was such a great experience and really got me thinking about new surfaces and patterns.  The course focused on using print-making techniques on clay, so I needed some flat surfaces.  I tried her hand-building techniques, but they are just not for me.  So I threw some plates.....
These are the plates that made it all through the trimming, drying, glazing, and firing.  After shrinking and firing, the round plate is 8" wide, and the square plates are 7"x7".  I imagine they would be best with a lovely wedge of cheese on top at a party.  They could also be great salad plates.  I can't remember how many I made, but I am sure it was at least double what you see here.  So, you see this is why I never make plates.
But I really like these, so I could be convinced to make more!


  1. I love the round one, it looks fabulous!!

    1. Aw thanks, I sold it!
      Think I need to make more....