Monday, March 30, 2009

Still in Progress

Ok Chickens, it's been a busy week. First I decided to roll with the tulip bowls and am now obsessed with tulips. Similar to my recent strawberry craze, and maybe just as short-lived. Here although are some gorgeous gerber daisies from the Fresh Market, where they must just be selling fake flowers disquised as real flowers because these are still kicking after over a week. I am hoping to have a pottery sale sometime soon with friends, or perhaps just sell some f-in pottery. I went to the library and paid my fines. $14! That is pretty shameful, and instead of getting books I had already paid fines on in the past I checked out two books about the arts and crafts movements, and one specifically about William Morris. This proved to be a good choice. First I discovered jewelry that looks likes it would translate beautifully to the silhouette of a pot.

Then last night I sketched some notes on this funny paper a friend gave me as I had left my sketchbook at the studio. Lately I have been watching tv and sketching, strange? Maybe. I used to listen to npr, but hbo just has so much to offer. I am thinking about trying some sgraffito, carving through colored slip, sometime soon, and I think this is a good start.

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