Monday, March 23, 2009

Works in Progress

Today I continued a series that I have decided to call my tulip series. My boyfriend was sweet enough to buy me some beautiful tulips a few weeks ago, that I then did a water color photo of just before they wilted and fell apart. I love tulips because they remind me of when I was a kid and my mom would cut them for us to take to our teachers. I remember being young and going to school when school was still fun! She would always wrap the stems in a wet paper towel and then foil. After a few years it became seriously uncool to give teachers presents or even like them, but I remember when it was still ok, too. Here I have a new shape I am exploring, the sundae cup. You can view the first ones I made on my etsy page. I have made the new bowl lower and wider, and the stem taller. I am trying to avoid them looking like a goblet. For some reason I hate clay goblets. They make me cringe, something about a goblet just requires it to be made out of glass. For me. I don't care if people use my sundae cups as goblets. That is up to the user. I am also working on a different shape of bowl. It is made with slightly less clay then the one I have been making for the past year, and designed for a single serving. I made the bowl cup in slightly, and then cut the edge, in a lotus style, kind of like something I saw in China this summer. It really does look like a flower. I am covering it up in plastic for the evening, amd trying to decide if I stop myself, and excercise some "economy of design", or indulge myself and end up making something that might appeal to a smaller audience. It is really a question that is coming up for me now that I have more work available online. Who is my audience? Tulip lovers?

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