Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Things Never Change


Lately when I've been working in the studio I keep seeing shapes and surfaces that I have used before.  And it has struck me that no matter how far I feel I have come or how hard I work I am still constantly coming back to the same shapes and same thoughts about my work.  It makes me wonder if there is some kind of blueprint to my work and when it was developed or how.  
This is my latest cup, which took two tries to throw and some sketching, and is basically a variation of a cup I made for about two years before really concentrating on just throwing a simple shape.  The dots, feel new, and the handle is a new method and form, but it's the same shape.  The line design I used to paint with luster and is now applied with slip, but I didn't notice this until after the fact.  And the foot I think is new, although I know i tried to create cut feet several years ago without success.  I think this kind of phenomenon applies to other aspects of my life, for example the way I dress.  No matter how many new things I acquire I still mix the old with them, and sometimes maybe like the old ones better.  So it seems that in life and in work, I am searching for something better, or newer and coming to rest on the same ideas.  
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