Monday, July 20, 2009

Back For More

I have been on a bit of a blogging break as I settle into my new digs in Central New York, silly me I thought this was as upstate as you can get! Believe me it's as far as I'm going. As I gather up some images of new work and my new studio. Here are some shots from along the way. I already mentioned that we went to Moore in America, I really enjoyed this piece which has a beautiful patina. Overall I thought that it was a really lovely way to view art, through a walk in

the gardens. My favorite part of the gardens was probably the orchid house. There are so many more species than the ones you see at the grocery store. I never buy them although I am tempted to, as I don't really have a green thumb. I think it may be turning a bit, I have been gardening in my new home, but more on that later. The best part is the orchids that smell like cinnamon:

It was so lovely to walk around sniffing these. The roots that grow from the ceiling were just as mesmerizing in a different sort of way.

Although I really need to get another lens to do it real justice. I also found some other beautiful textures and shapes scattering amongst the grounds.

I had really intended to post these images early, so this week I will re-create the highlights of the 6 day trip up the east coast as best I remember with some photos. Also look for a "Welcome to My New Studio" post.

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