Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Interim

This Monday started a time period I have been waiting for for quite some time, my road trip on the way to moving! I decided, just now, over luke warm coffee that this is "the interim". It was supposed to just be one week on the road relaxing seeing friends, and family, etc. Then I would settle in New York look for a part-time job, start making work, and begin my new routine. But now, I am lucky enough to be going to Penland in about two weeks. For two and half weeks. This means I get even more time "off". Of course I immediately feel like I'm on the verge of freaking out, because I have nothing to do! Nothing to worry about, no job, no obligations. All I am supposed to be doing right now is....having fun. In fact I shouldn't even be checking my e-mail or anything, but then I would probably really freak out. Last week during my yard sale I was constantly re-arranging everything. I organized my boxes at least twenty times last week as my boyfriend watched in horror. I really don't know how to not be busy. So this is a real test, but I am hoping I will pass with flying colors. Yesterday we spent the day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for the "Moore in America" exhibit which is a fabulous way to explore the gardens, and if you can go their Orchid Garden is seriously a tiny piece of heaven. The afternoon was spent at the High Museum, a neat trio of buildings with a great collection, including a lot of folk art. Today we have a hike planned, and my first camping trip in a few years. I won't be able to update for a few days, but next week I will post a lot pictures from the trip. For the rest of the week, and the Fourth of July all I will be doing is having fun. And checking my e-mail nonstop of course!

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