Monday, December 7, 2009

The Little Things

Today I was having the worst day! None of my clothes were fitting, I was trying to make appointments and meeting dead ends, my camera battery died just when I got the settings right, and I ended up going out wearing five shades of gray. (I'm not sure why, but all the warm clothes I seem to find are black or gray) But then, the little things started happening. I made a sale on etsy, I found a seashell in my seaweed salad, got a note from a gallery, and found the most beautiful piece of fresh fish on sale at the market. My boyfriend came home with a lovely shelf he made for my cup collection. Instant turn around. Now dinner is on the stove, my camera is set to go when the light is better in the morning, and I have a package to ship. And two show applications to go out, including these little teapots.

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