Monday, February 1, 2010


It has been a long time since I've posted anything, not that I haven't been meaning too, and mentally beating myself up over it. A lot has been going on! I started a new job working with a Montessori school. The children are ages 3-6. It has been rewarding, challenging, all that jazz. I am really enjoying it and learning a lot! I am looking forward to my summer off, when I plan to make a big inventory of work. Also it is dead winter in Central New York. So I really have to challenge myself to actually leave the house. When the holidays were over I decided to just make something fun! As an artist I sometimes forget that making pottery actually is fun. Making cups with hearts and strawberries? Super fun.

Of course after I made these I came down with a serious case of the winter blahs and it took me forever to get them finished. So I am offering them with free shipping for the month of February in my online store.

A lot of the work I did in the fall came together and will be featured in these exhibitions:


Fourth International Small Teapot Show

8 Fluid Ounces

I am really excited about starting the year off this way! An exhibit from December just closed, Objects of Virtue. This weekend I really accomplished a lot and decided that winter is for planning. Sometimes, it's for lounging and keeping warm, but also for planning for spring. I got some library books about gardening, and berry bowls are up soon in the studio. Happy Valentine's Day!

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