Friday, February 26, 2010

What to do With A Snow Day

After living in Florida for four years I forgot the beauty of a snow day. (And yes, these icicles are attached to my house) Yesterday was all about cleaning, relaxing, and then making a mess again. Today (Snow Day 2) will be an extra studio day.

Step 1: clean house til satisfied, take online yoga class, then make delicious lunch, while preparing for making a massive amount of cookies.

The lunch if you are wondering was eaten off bowls made by Jeff Huebner, and was a salad of Fingerlakes lettuce and Tofu Khan with capers and rice noodles tossed with leftover curry sauce. I spent most of the afternoon doing nothing while waiting for V to return from his snow sculpting adventures with chocolate chips for Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies. One evening, 18 inches of snow, and some serious shoveling later I return to the kitchen to prepare a big breakfast (grits, collards, eggs, AND potatoes) and am back at square one with the mess.
But, who cares about the mess, I've got another snow day!

Step I'm not sure which number: Create promo in online store to celebrate the gift of two free days the snow has given. Save 20% all weekend long!

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