Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, I'm finally back after a shocking five month hiatus from the blog. And it has been a busy five months! My work was featured in several exhibits around the country, I participated in my first local craft fair, traveled to London and Wales, and got pregnant. So really I have to blame the exhausting first three months of pregnancy on my absence from the blog. I am proud to say I am feeling much better and I am also off for the summer. Hopefully, I will get back to my once per week goal of posting at least a picture or two of what I have been up to. It should be an interesting time with my growing belly, and the impending balance of motherhood/artist. Here are a couple of pics of what I have been up to....
Getting ready for Ithaca Fest 2010. I'm really proud to say that most of this work was made, fired, and glazed while I was working full time during the first trimester. Anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you this is no easy feat! I couldn't have done it without the support of my partner Vaughn. Here are some shots from the show.
A shot of my whole display, once again I really have to thank Vaughn for staying up very late to put together these display shelves and make me a simple elegant sign. I'm really pleased with the shelves, they're something I've been wanting for a long time.
I had to include this because it's always inevitable that someone will be undercutting you at these events, but this is possibly the lowest I have ever seen. And ironically her name was Tracy, too. I've learned to just let this stuff go. At the end of the day I won't sell as many items as Miss $2 Treasures, but I will still walk away with my dignity intact and know that people went home happy with something they will actually 'treasure'.
Shortly after Ithaca Fest we were finally off to Wales via London! This was such an amazing trip for us. I always feel very inspired to work after travelling and London had the most amazing museums. We are really only getting a tidbit of what is out there in the states. I spent two days at the Victoria and Albert Museum, if you are in the decorative arts you need to go visit this museum. It has the largest ceramic collection I have ever seen, among others.
Here are some textiles...I'm off to make some more wall paper inspired stamps after this. Tons of pattern sources at the V&A.
One small section of the ceramic collection on the sixth floor. I think they have four or five of these rooms filled with pieces. If you ever find yourself at the V&A it is very hard to find this floor, you have to take one of the elevators, but not all the elevators go there. It took me two trips to find it, but well worth both trips!
And finally the Dutch tulip vase I was searching for. I first saw this on Arthur Halvorsen's blog which is how I learned of the V&A. Thank you Arthur! This museum made the trip for me. I'm off now to post some new work on my online shop-I have already added quite a bit, so please check it out. Next week I'll be posting some pics of my newly organized studio-after one year I think I finally have what I've wanted for quite some time. And new stamps. Stay tuned, because I am definitely back! At least until the baby is born....

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