Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brownie Sundaes

I made these sundae cups over a year ago. They have been featured on blogs, in treasuries on etsy, and I have gotten a lot of feedback from them. I also marked them down to a ridiculously low price as I often do when items have been sitting in my shop for a while. I just don't like keeping old inventory around as my work is constantly evolving. But, still no one snatched them up. So last night when it was time for dessert, (this happens every night now that I am pregnant) I decided why not just keep this set for us? I rarely keep things I make, but I like having a sundae set. They looked great and worked great with brownies and ice cream. I do have plans for more ice cream bowls, but I think they will be more bowl-like so they are more versatile to a potential buyer. Later I'm making frozen greek yogurt to go in them with local blueberries mmmmm......

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