Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

I think I said in my last post I would be posting more often....that was almost a month ago! So my new goal is just posting, periodically. When I can. Between my pregnancy induced nesting and our whirlwind wonderful summer I haven't found much time, and work is starting up again. We have been to London, Wales, Chicago and back, and then an extended stay in the Hudson Valley. All the while enjoying summer's best sweet corn, tomatoes, green beans, basil, peaches, and berries. Unfortunately I forgot my camera when I went to Hudson and I think I took about five photos in Chicago. Including our lovely cupcake tower from my baby shower!

While in Chicago we managed to checkout an Alexander Calder exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibit is beautifully arranged and I really recommend checking it out if you find yourself in the area. The same day we enjoyed a great meal at Mana Food Bar with great friends. I loved that most items on the menu came in small and large portions so you could order more than one thing. They had great outdoor seating as well.

In the Hudson Valley our main mission was a certain set of twins fabulous 6th birthday party where I did a little face painting and we all ate some delicious food. The cakes were beautiful butterfly cakes and I wish I had a picture of them and the face painting. We spent the rest of the week playing with said six year olds, lots of drawing (including some new surface design ideas), and the above mentioned summer harvest goodies.

Before leaving I did get some work done in the studio that I am pretty excited about. I have a bunch of new shelving (really need to fill it!) and a new glazing station. This is pretty much a set up I have been wanting for several years and I am so happy that it is finally ready for me. I have been toying with a lot of new ideas for surfaces. I am trying to only use commercial products during my pregnancy and I haven't really glazed much. With the holidays approaching I will have to finish some work, and I think I've got some tricks up my sleeve....more photos of that later. Here are some shots of my new studio lay-out and do check out my summer sale in my etsy shop these prices won't last!

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  1. your work space looks great Tracy! Those bowls are beautiful. when I was pregnant with bayliss i was glazing with purple underglaze one day when I was really nauseous...and I was never able to use those pots after they were finished, they always made me feel nauseous.
    Love seeing the pics of your work space.